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About Us

Jewelry to the Skye is a mother daughter trio who combined their passions and expertise for fashion, business & design to create jewelry that makes us smile & represents each of our individual styles and personalities. As a multigenerational company we pride ourselves on creating customizable options that can cater to all age groups & personal preferences.

Being born into the fast-paced world of NYC, the natural beauty of Florida was a welcome reminder to slow down and take it all in. So far there has never been a sunset we did not capture #nofilter. Inspired by the constantly evolving colors of the sky, our unique & colorful pieces will add pizazz to your everyday looks.

Headed by Val, wife & mom of 3, a former personal stylist & FIT Certified Image Consultant in NYC. Val fell in love with fashion as a child model and chased her dreams in the fashion industry all the way to Diane von Furstenberg where she helped manage the Meatpacking Flagship store. Dressing women and making them feel confident in their own skin became her passion. We hope you love our jewelry as much as we do!